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Heart Meditation

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               Relax, Touch your Heart, Smile


The Heart Meditation practice is a profoundly healing and centring method of naturally calming & balancing our inner most self.
The Heart practice focuses us on our spiritual Heart Chakra, Anahata, as apposed to the physical heart.

We can connect within our inner most self, by resting the touch of the palm of your hand or the lightness of finger tips at our Anahata Heart Chakra. Located in the centre of the chest, in line with the arm pits. Behind this is our sternum, behind that is our thymus, behind that in the spine is the subtle energy heart centre ~ Anahata Chakra.

We can access this sacred inner heart space in 3 simple steps:~

1) Relax
2) Touch your Heart
3) Smile

When we sit comfortably, close our eyes, rest our palm on the heart centre . . . take a few moments to observe the breath of the heart, breathing itself through you . . . a breath beyond the physical breath . . . inviting this heart breath to gently expand on each soft heart breath in & to be comfortable with each soft heart breath out. . . this subtle energy breath can begin to expand beyond the limits of the physical body . . . in this expanded awareness, simply invite consciouness to drop down & rest in the heart . . . observe the heart breath & peace that flows. . .

Guided Meditation practices can be found on https://www.heartoflivingyoga.com/heart-practice

Heart Meditation Course ~ 100 hour course over 6 months, teaches how to drop into the peaceful inner heart space in a deeply nurturing & healing way. Exploring & learning Meditation in a very gentle & accessible way for all. To find out about more please visit  ~ https://www.heartoflivingyoga.com/northants-training  our next courses start in January & February 2022

Mindfulness & Meditation are natural ways to help us manage our stress levels in todays world. This is also be very beneificial when brought into the work place for group sessions to help support staff wellbeing.

Likewise it can also be a lovely sharing amongst friends for a health & wellbeing gathering together event.

Do please get in contact with Harshani if these might be of interest, to see if it can be tailored to suit you & your event. 

Hypnotherapy-Kettering Low Confidence


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