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Weight Loss & Weight Related Issues

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Weight loss and the ability to lose weight is possible. As a previous Harley Street experienced Cognitive Hypnotherapist, now practicing in Islip, near Thrapston, Kettering, I have worked with many clients around weight issues and concerns both over-weight and under-weight. Change is available to all. It's not about the food, but how we percieve ourselves, our thoughts, our beliefs, our up-bringing, our emotions, our habits. Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis techniques can make a real difference in your relationship towards yourself and what you eat.

Sadly we are in a nation often over influenced by all the media hype. We  are surrounded by many things which tell us how we should or shouldn't look through magazines, tv adverts, models, celebrities, films etc all mostly favoring slim as beautiful. These modern day pressures make us more image conscious than we really need to be ~ sometimes creating feelings of inadequacy; those thoughts of "having a fat & ugly day"; self loathing; weight gain; binge eating & bulemia; or not eating at all & degrees of anorexia.

But in reality we are all very different . . . different shapes, sizes, heights, body proportions, bone structure . . . yet often are striving towards something we may never be. Becoming a tall slender model, is only appropriate if you are built that way in the first place!

So weight loss often becomes a constant struggle & maybe we're just working towards the wrong goals?

What are your goals for losing weight, how do you see yourself being slimmer?
Can you imagine yourself being that way?
Do you truely believe that you can do it?

Weight Loss Apple Tape MeasureOften the failure from so many past diets is so prominent that we start something new, not really fully believing that this time it will work . . . that you can do it & will succeed . . . not only to lose the excess weight but to maintain it in the future too.

The term 'diet' really means what we eat, so being on a 'diet' is nothing new or different, it's just what we chose to eat & put into our bodies on a daily basis . . . yet so many people see a 'diet' as "going without" "being restrictive" "being boring or tasteless" just something that you do after Christmas as a new health drive in the New Year & a crash course pre-summer holidays to be able to feel better in the bikini or swimming cosie.

Following those kinds of 'diets' don't work, what actually happens is a yo-yo effect where each time you stop 'dieting' & go back to 'normal eating' the weight gradually creeps back on, but what tends to happen over years of following these patterns is that everytime you end up putting more weight on & then finding it harder & harder to lose it next time you go on a 'diet' (does that sound familiar?).
One of the main reasons for this type of weight gain is that the metabolic rate starts to slow down the moment it thinks you're going to restrict it again . . . missing meals . . . eating only lettuce . . . it's almost like a camel reserving its stores for the long time in the desert, only it doesn't really know when you're going to stop. So what really happens is it starts to store your fat, keeping hold of it's precious energy stores & wait to see the drought out!
Exactly the opposite of what you want to happen when you want to burn off those calories & lose weight!

A big part of losing weight is about changing your relationship with food, changing how you view your meals, changing your thoughts around 'being on a diet', changing your mind set so you can forget about 'dieting' & find a balanced way of eating healthily instead. . . and finding a fitness regime that works for you to help you maintain it.
Everyone is different, some people will favor 3 square meals a day & others will need little & often ~ it's about finding the right balance for you, learning to listen to your body & know when you're full & be comfortable to stop, content that you've had all you need at that moment in time.

Hypnosis & NLP techniques teach us to be more mindful of the choices we make, to listen to our bodies more, to eat only what we need, to chew every mouthful, to leave food that we no longer want. It is a journey well worth investing in . . . to help un-do those unhelpful habits & behaviours that we've got into & change them for better, healthier, supportive ones.

There is no magic wand . . . you have to put 100% effort into the change . . . to practise & practise conscious eating until it becomes a natural unconscious process ~ just like when we learn to ride a bike, you keep practising & practising, determined to get back on your bike until you suddenly notice that you are doing it without thinking . . . it's just the way you are . . . & then you just do it. . . you're finding it easy & effortless. 

Food is very emotive, many people comfort eat to fill at part of themselves that is missing or lacking in something. Comfort eating can change . . . you can feel better in yourself & about yourself . . . because the moment you start to like yourself, care about yourself, nuture yourself, your inner confidence begins to grow & the heaviness can go. Leaving you feeling so much more motivated to get fit & healthy & feel better about yourself in many different ways.

To find out more about how Cognitive Hypnotherapy can support any of these weight related issues above please contact Harshani for a confidential consultation in Islip, near Thrapston, Kettering.






Cognitive Hypnotherapy-harley Street Low Confidence  And  Lack Of Self


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