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Public Speaking

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis really can help you . . . you can stop being tongue tied, feeling embarrassed, stressed, panicky!

Public speaking is often considered to be one of the most stressful situations to be in, causing high levels of anxiety.

For some people it is a breeze, yet for others the feeling of stress & anxiety around public speaking can unbelievably feel worse than going through a divorce or even the thought of dying. So often have I heard the expression "I'd rather die than stand up in front of others/get on a stage/speak in public". Even when said in jest, that is a strong statement for the unconscious mind to hook onto & subconsciously create the response that it is the absolute worst thing that could ever happen to you. . . which impacts the stress & anxiety even more.

Unfortunately, unless you completely hide yourself away, life presents many occasions to expose us in front of others . . . some of these maybe things like: ~

Wedding speeches

School plays

Work presentations

Prize givings

Conferences & meetings

Just the thought of being asked to do any of these would create stress, & any way of getting out of it possible would run through the mind. Everyone will have their own different strategies & ways of dealing with public speaking. Fears around public speaking can sometimes even hold you back in your career, as very often the higher you work your way up the career ladder the more likely you are to have to present or talk in front of others more & more. 
It can cause people to sometimes freeze, feel sick, get panicky, forget words, speed talk without stopping for a breath, blush, feel shaky, or simply just want to run away.

By exploring possible past events which may cause certain responses within you now, helps to start to shift the negative patterns & feelings. Often these are accompanied with limiting beliefs around "not being good enough" or a sense of "feeling on show", so it is a process of confidence building; learning practical techniques & tips around delivering a speech well; developing positive presentation skills; & future pacing successful acheivements. All of these elements helping reduce stress & to make the process begin to feel much more comfortable & even become enjoyable.

So if you're finding yourself in a situation where you are needing to conquer your worst fears, then generally the sooner you start to reduce them, the better it will get, the sooner you can stand tall & talk in front of others.

Having presented, worked & trained on stage & in front of others with audiences from 10 people to 250 people, I have much personal experience in public speaking and presenting. I can help you move through wherever you are stuck in a positive & empowering way. So please feel free to contact me & I'll be happy to help you through this.

I work with clients around confidence and public speaking at my private practice in Islip, Kettering. To book please call me on 07941 841 485 or you can e-mail me at


  I look forward to working with you soon. . . .


Cognitive Hypnotherapy-harley Street Low Confidence  And  Lack Of Self


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