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Fears & Phobias

There are many common fears & phobias, which can be helped & moved on in a positive way.
Cognitive Hypnotherapy, helps you discover the triggers and connections with your phobia or fear, so you can understand them better to resolve them & move beyond them, towards a calmer way of being instead.
Phobias tend to start off through a fear of something, very often going back into your childhood. What tends to happen with these fears is that for some people they start to have a snowball effect, gradually building overtime until it becomes more & more intense & eventually escalates as a phobic response whenever the triggers are mentioned, seen or even thought of.

As with all fears & phobias your unconscious mind will take over, the fight or flight response kicks in & you want to get away from whatever it is as soon as possible! Positive re-frames through Hypnotherapy techniques can significantly reduce or remove the Fears altogther. Change can happen like magic. . .
Fear of Flying ~ this may have been triggered by a personal traumatic experience on a flight or you may have no idea where this fear/phobia came from. Some people just avoid airports & airplanes completely, whilst others grip their nails into the seats (or person next to them) & hope it'll all be over soon! Either way it can stop you from enjoying travelling, from seeing the world (unless of course you decide to go by sea or land instead!), from joining in with friends & family. A flying phobia may have connections with needing to 'be in control', 'heights', 'claustrophobia' or 'fear of death'. To remove this fear, frees you up to be free & explore new choices.

Fear of Dentistry ~ dentistry fears & phobias are more common than you think. Generally they derive from past negative experiences; or from picking up the anxiety of over protective parents; or feeling out of control or slightly claustrophobic. Often it can go hand in hand with a fear of needles too. By tracing these fears back to the root cause of the problem, can help to heal up past negative experiences at the dentist. Then through learning new ways of being able to breath & feel relaxed, deepens confidence & can help to make it a much more comfortable experience. 

Fear of Needles/Hospitals ~ fear of needles can relate to any situation where you'll find needles or the need for an injection around ~ dentists, doctors surgery, nurses room, vaccinations, giving blood, hospitals, IVF, diabetics, even as far as being unable to watch medical based programmes on tv. It can relate to the thought of pain, the sight of blood, our own mortality.
It is important to reduce these thoughts & fears, before the time comes when you're face to face with it ~ because somewhere along our lifetimes, in our future, we'll be faced with the need to have an injection in someway or another & it may just save our lives. So it's good to feel more comfortable & safe in yourself which puts you more in control & able to be helped better too. 

Fear of Dogs ~ this can vary in its degree of intensity from being nervous around dogs (or certain breeds of dogs) to panic at the very thought or sight of one. Our unconscious minds are programmed to keep us safe if something that we threatened by is around us which may cause our natural fight or flight system to kick in. There are no sabre toothed tigers wandering our streets, so being bitten, attacked, or jumped up at by a dog with big teeth is enough for our protection mode to respond & want to run away (even from the friendly ones!). A fear of dogs can stop some people from enjoying a relaxing walk in the countryside or park; from visiting friends or family with dogs as pets; from actually enjoying the company of man's best friend. Not all dogs are the same, those that are trained well are very well behaved & extremely likeable. Even if you don't feel like you want to befriend a dog yet, by simply working through this fear will give you the choice to re-gain your confidence with a new sense of freedom to enjoy the great outdoors peacefully, & that is worth it in my book.

Claustrophobia ~ "There's nothing worse than that feeling that you are boxed in or trapped, can't escape" ~ I hear this often in clients who suffer from claustrophobia. They can't breath, they need to get out, they feel out of control, they get panicky, they fear the worst. Dealing with this fear increases your sense of safety & comfort wherever you are. Whether in a lift, areoplane or stuck amongst busy crowds overcoming this phobia is about resolving past negative events that maybe connected with your fears, & finding new helpful behaviours that support you feeling relaxed & confident in any space. It frees you up to enjoy being with others more, even in crowded places; to go to the top floor easily; to fly around the world & feel safer in the environment around you.

Agoraphobia ~ The fear of open spaces & public places. This type of fear tends to build up & intensify over many years, to the point where the sufferer finds themselves almost a prisioner of their own homes. It knocks their confidence, self belief & self esteem, & they tend to adopt good avoidance strategies to prevent attending things where they feel exposed or on show. Overcoming this fear is a process of re-building confidence & developing new strategies of how to behave & feel outside of the home environment. As the new confidence grows, the world around seems less daunting & more inviting, eventually leading a normal life once more. New possibilities & opportunities can then begin to flow your way . . .

There are many other phobias, which are not mentioned here, but follow a similiar process to overcome them. To discuss how I can help with yours please contact me:

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy-harley Street Low Confidence  And  Lack Of Self


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