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Make This Year a Happy Healthy Year & Stop Smoking today!

Cognitive Hypnotherapy and hypnosis are powerful effective resources to changing many unwanted habits & behaviours . . . smoking being one of them. Smoking is often driven by emotions, habitual patterns, addiction & socialising amongst other smokers. All of these become triggers which mean "Time for a cigarette!" & you'll be pleased to know that all of these can be overcome & changed to help you to stop smoking easier.

Many smokers spend their time planning when they are going to stop, setting future plans ~ Eg., "I'll stop when I'm 40" or "I'll give up in the New Year" etc., & maybe you have some of your own deadlines that you've used too in the past.
So many attempts to stop/give up equal many failures too!

Rather than thinking about failures, I think it's important to think about your successes too ~ because every day that you stopped was a success, everytime you said no was a success! As soon as you think you've failed it becomes too easy to give up & just go back to the cigarettes.

I see clients who have decided for themselves that they are ready to stop smoking and would like that support which comes from Hypnotherapy to help them through that process, at my private practice in Islip, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

So it is essential that in your mind you are really ready & clear that you want to stop smoking & that now is the time to do that!

Once you've made the decision, then there's no going back . . . just a new step forward towards a healthier future! You CAN do it. . . .

New Stopping Smoking Programme

Session 1 ~ 50 minute in-depth initial assessment to explore your cigarette habits & patterns. You will also be given a specific tasking around your smoking in-between session 1 & 2, which prepares you for the change.

Session 2 ~ 2 hours smoking cessation, using Cognitive Hypnotherapy to work through all of your cigarette habits & patterns, so at the end of this session you leave as a non-smoker.

Session 3 ~ 90 mins follow-up from session 2 to re-inforce being a non-smoker & support the changes & differences you want to make being a non-smoker. 

The programme also includes personalised Hypnosis CD or mp3 recordings, which are given on sessions 2 & 3, helping you to continue focusing on being a non-smoker & what that means to you.

The Program Fees

For further details or to book the programme, please contact Harshani on 07941 841 485.


Cognitive Hypnotherapy Northants


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