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Usui Reiki Ryoho Training

Reiki course update, during the COVID 19 outbreak ~ in person courses will begin to resume, under the conditions that all students have received vaccines (where possible) & have had a Rapid Lateral Flow Covid19 test before attending, to be able to ensure the safety of all on the course. Please do get in touch if you would like to explore more about Reiki training. Dates for 2022 below.

Sho-den ~ Reiki 1st Degree Course

Approved course by UK Reiki Federation, following the National Occupational Standards (NOS) & Reiki Council Core Curriculum.

Reiki level 1 or 1st degree is known as Sho-den in Japanese.
This natural energy healing method of Reiki, was created by Mikao Usui in Japan in the early 20th Century.

The purpose of Sho-den Reiki level 1 is all about self-healing, to create balance in your energy flow & life. By learning the various meditation & breathing practices that you learn through Reiki level 1, you learn how to feel grounded & connected with energy. The healing is directed towards your own personal energies on all levels ~ physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Before you use energy work on others, it is important that you can feel at peace & aligned within yourself first ~ which is exactly what Sho-den teaches you. Healing starts with yourself first!
Anyone can learn Reiki level 1, no prior experience is necessary, however I would highly recommend that you have had a Reiki treatment with your chosen Reiki Master Teacher first, so that you feel a connection & alignment with their energy flow & philosophy outlook.

My Sho-den, Reiki level 1 training courses are over 2 days & include: ~

* The background & history of Mikao Usui & Reiki
* Reiki level 1 Sho-den personal Reiju Attunements
* Connecting with Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy)
* Self-Reiki practice & healing
* Reiki Precepts
* Joshin Kokyu Ho (Reiki breathing meditation practice)
* Kenyoku Ho (Dry brush/bathing practice ~ energy clearing)
* Grounding exercises
* Understanding of how to use Reiki in all aspects of your life
* Chakra, Aura & Energy awareness
* Sho-den Reiki 1 Manual
* Sho-den Reiki level 1 certification

Next Sho-den Reiki 1 Course dates are:~

Friday 21st & Saturday 22nd October 2022 (4 places available)

9am - 5pm (both days)
Venue ~ Islip, Northants
Fees ~ £190 including lunch & refreshments 
(£50 deposit requested on reserving a place ~ Limited to 4 - 6 students)

Oku-den ~ Reiki 2nd Degree Course

Approved course by UK Reiki Federation, following the National Occupational Standards (NOS) & Reiki Council Core Curriculum.

Reiki level 2 or 2nd Degree is known as Oku-den in Japanese.
This is a natural progression from Sho-den into Oku-den, for those who would like to further deepen their personal connection with Reiki (Universal Life Force Energy). Ideally you would stay with the same Reiki Master Teacher who guided you through level 1, so you continue on your journey with the same support throughout. Normally it is recommended that you allow at least 6 months in-between level 1 & progressing onto level 2 ~ this allows you time to practice your daily self-healing & for your alignment to be in the right place before you go onto the next level. Your Reiki Master Teacher can advise you as to whether you are ready to progress at each level.
Reiki level 2 takes you to Reiki Practitioner level, where you can begin to work on others or you can purely deepen your own connection & personal journey even further. Reiki level 2 will teach you everything you need towards being a Reiki Practitioner, however I highly recommend that if you are not from a Therapy background, then you consider progressing onto the Professional Reiki Practitioner level, which I teach following on from this stage. (see details below)

My Oku-den Reiki level 2 training courses are over 2 days & include: ~

* Re-cap from Reiki level 1 to ensure understanding
* Reiki level 2 Oku-den personal Attunements (Reiju)
* Learning the Reiki symbols & their use
* Hatsurei Ho (Reiki Meditation & Clearing practice)
* Reiki healing practice on each other
* Distant healing
* Developing a Reiki therapy practice
* Oku-den Reiki 2 Manual
* Oku-den Reiki level 2 certification


Next Oku-den Reiki 2 course dates are :~

Friday 30th September & Saturday 1st October (4 places available)

9am - 5.00pm (both days)

Venue ~ Islip, Northamptonshire
Fees ~ £260 including light lunch & refreshments both days

(£50 deposit requested on reserving a place ~ limited to 4 - 6 people)


Professional Oku-den Reiki Practitioner Course would be an additional £400 (which can be paid in stages) & covers further study days; Reiki treatment case studies; project work & on-going support during case studies & assessments in line with the Reiki Council Core Curriculum & National Occupational Standards. 
NB ~ Students are also required to study Anatomy & Physiology, & Health and Safety, which will incur additional costs at this Professional level.

For bookings or further information about Reiki courses, on-going student support at Reiki Meditation Circle evenings or progression onto Professional Practitioner & Reiki Master level, please contact

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