Cognitive Hypnotherapy-Northants  Low Confidence

Low Confidence & lack of Self-Esteem

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What is it that makes us all so different?

Some people seem to exude confidence. . . confidence in how they walk . . . confidence in how they talk . . . confidence in how they look . . . confidence in how they act.

But they may not be confident in all areas of their lives?

Because sometimes even confidence has differences . . . often our lives get framed into different apsects, which I like to think of as our 'wheel of life':~

our business/career

our relationships

our family

our education/personal development

our health & fitness

our finances/wealth

our spiritual selves

So you might be surprised to discover that even the most successfully confident person at work, may be lacking in confidence in their relationships or other areas in their 'wheel of life'.

Sometimes people are outwardly confident towards the world around them, but inside they have low self-esteem & don't feel good enough, or worthy enough. Lack of self-esteem is an inward focus comparing themselves with others who they perceive as being much 'better than them' or 'more attractive than them' or 'more deserving than them'.

A lack of self-esteem & confidence can often stem way back to childhood events, where often words are taken to heart. The throw away comments of possibly well meaning parents of the child being 'useless' or 'not any good'; the bullies in the playground taunting or teasing what they perceive as a weakness; the teacher's remarks; teenage heartbreak; first loves. . .

We become vulnerable in these areas & they can be carried on through our adult lives manifesting in rejection in relationships; money worries; bullying in the work place; weight gain; feeling stuck or unable to progress.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy can help you create massive differences in how you feel about yourself & your place in the world around you. Through guiding you through the process of letting go of the things that hold you back, it frees you up to start building a new, more confident & worthy you. The more you value yourself, then the more others do too. The more you can begin to believe in: finding your 'soul mate' to share your life with; attracting abudance & being more able to create wealth; standing tall & proud around others, gaining new respect; losing weight & feeling fitter, healthier; discovering your life purpose & following your dreams!

You can be all those things & more . . . so much more than you could ever imagine.

Taking the first step & getting in contact is a positive step in the right direction towards you believing that you can do it!

The butterfly effect happens from there . . .     

Cognitive Hypnotherapy-Northants Low Confidence


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