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Who is it for?

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The Cognitive Hypnotherapy Confident Childbirth courses are for any expectant mums-to-be, supported and guided by an experienced trained Hypnotherapist to help you achieve a positive personal experience throughout pregnancy and labour.

Confident Childbirth Hypnosis is a personalised course for you, which you are most welcome to attend either with or without your partner ~ whichever suits you both best. There is also an option to share sessions with another pregnant mum, should this be something you'd both like to do.

The purpose of Confident Childbirth is to safely guide you towards the birth that you'd like, as we work together towards your goals for a calmer, more confident birth. One that you can feel proud of having achieved, in whatever ways are right for you. No two pregnancies are the same, each one will be different. So this personalised approach to hypnobirthing is all about you and your baby-to-be. Just as it should be. . .

And, what is even better to know, is that the hypnosis techniques which you are taught throughout the Confident Childbirth progamme, will stand you in good stead for afterwards too. Helping you and your partner become more able to manage the many different challeneges and joys that having a newborn and early motherhood/fatherhood may bring.

What will I learn?

During your Confident Childbirth sessions (which are personal and individual to you and your needs), you will be taught a range of very effective tools which include:


Relaxation Techniques

Pain Management Techniques

Along with free personalised hypnosis downloads for you to listen to and benefit from throughout your full term.
All of which can help support you (and your partner) to having the best possible birthing experience . . . and prepare you well to meet your new born baby.

How long is the course?

The Confident Childbirth course is generally over 4 x 1 hour sessions (depending on personal needs), which can be at whatever stage of your pregnancy suits you best ~ whether taken altogether over a shorter period of time, or spread out at different stages of your pregnancy, the choice is always yours.
Remembering that you will also receive your free personalised hypnosis downloads during the Confident Childbirth course, which help support you on an on-going basis.

How do I book?

Harshani sees Confident Childbirth clients at her private practice in Islip, Kettering, Northamptonshire. Often clients wish that they had come to see me earlier on in their pregnancy, so they can gain the maximum benefit from having learnt and practised the techniques to support them throughout their full term. What is most important is that you start when it feels right for you and that you are ready to focus on using what you learn from the program. The course helps to reduce fears and deepen your confidence in yourself and your ability to have a positive birthing experience, so please feel free to get in contact and Harshani will guide you from there.
To book please call 07941 841 485 or e-mail

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy Northampton


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