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                                A calm birth is a great start to new family life!

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Cognitive Hynotherapy is a wonderful support not only through the birthing experience, but can help make the entire Pregnancy feel a much more pleasureable and exciting time. The Cognitive Hypnotherapy approach of Hypnobirthing is called Confident Childbirth, personalised to suit you and the uniqueness of your Pregnancy whether a first time mum or a many times mum, no two pregnancies are the same. 

Hypnosis is a supportive way of you deepening your connection with your baby-to-be, helping you to feel more relaxed, confident & more in control ~ before, during & after.

The Confident Childbirth progamme:~

* 4 x 1 hour hypnosis sessions
* Booked to suit your time scale at any stage of your pregnancy
* Personalised to you, your needs and any pregnancy goals that you may have
* One-to-One with expectant mum and/or partner

* Self-Hypnosis, Relaxation techniques and effective Pain Management methods
Costs £250 for the 4 session programme

You will learn positive hypnosis techniques which are safe to use during your pregnancy, in the labour ward and also can become vaulable useful tools to continue to support you as and when needed in new parenthood ~ reassuring you of being more able to cope in many situations. The four sessions can be at any stage of your pregnancy to suit you and your needs. You can begin to look forward to feeling proud of your achievements and the wonder of bringing a new life into the world in a positive way for you and baby.

For more details on Confident Childbirth and how it can help you at this important time in your life, then please contact Harshani ~  or visit

Harshani sees clients for Confident Childbirth at her private clinic in Islip, Kettering, Northamptonshire.

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