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All testimonials are written by my clients, with their full permission to share their positive results with others here:

"The sessions with Harshani have been so very helpful. I have been given resources that I can bring into every day life that, I found, very quickly enabled me to take control of situations I found difficult and before would have taken over my life so intensely. It enabled me to help take control of my anxiety and, more importantly understand where the roots of the troubles lay, which meant I could look to the future and anticipate where I could struggle and work to sort it out. I highly recommend Harshani's services!" ~ Charlotte, Northampton

"Thank you again for all your help. My life is so much better now. I have renewed confidence and well being and I recommend you unreservedly." ~ Annon, Rushden   

"I had suffered a recent bout of bad health, which resulted in me losing a lot of weight and suffering severe panic attacks and depression.  Things got so bad, it was hard for me even to get out of bed and get dressed.
When I first visited Harshani for my initial consultation (which was free, very rare!), I knew straight away that if anyone could help me, it would be her.  Just talking to her in that initial consultation, I was immediately aware that, my fears and obsessive thoughts were not unique to me, that I was not going mad, and more importantly that with help I would get through this difficult period of my life.  I informed her in that initial consultation that I was due to go on holiday in around 3 weeks time, but was cancelling the holiday, as felt that due to the state of my mind, at that time, it would not be worthwhile. Harshani told me to hold on to the last possible moment before cancelling to see how I felt nearer the time. 
3 weeks later I went to Tenerife, I simply could not believe I had been able to do this.  I had a brilliant holiday, which aided my recovery.
Harshani puts an amazing amount of work into each session you receive from her.  She works hard in these sessions to ensure that you receive the exact help that you require. If you need help please take my advice, contact Harshani." ~ Julie, Kettering 

"I would recommend Harshani to anyone, she is warm and kind, whilst at the same time keeping things on track to make sure you really get the most out of the time - the sessions are always followed by amazing personal outcomes, much more than I would have ever thought possible previously. I really felt listened to and supported, and Harshani empowered me by giving me ways to progress by myself in between sessions and beyond, the developments and positive impacts of these sessions will be lifelong." ~ Lizzie, Market Harborough

"I went to see Harshani to seek help with two problems resulting from the recent loss of my husband: insomnia and panic attacks. Using Reiki and Havening techniques over the course of a weekend, she provided immense and immediate help. Importantly, given the fact that I live in Colchester and cannot see her as regularly as I would like to, she taught me to self administer Havening which I have been doing twice a day. I haven't suffered from panic attacks since I saw her and my sleeping pattern has been improving; although I know the excruciating pain and grieving process will be with me for a long time, at least being able to sleep better and manage my fears is allowing me to rest and give my mind and body the opportunity to heal. I am very very grateful to her and I really hope other people can benefit from her treatments. Adela, Colchester"

"I visited Harshani at a low point in my life, stressed by work and feeling totally overwhelmed by life in general work.  I had reached such a point that my feelings of anxiety and stress made all aspect of my home and work life very difficult.  I struggled with confidence issues, though whilst capable I always doubted my ability to do my job and deal with the level of responsibility.  After the first visit to Harshani she gave me strategies to be able to deal with anxieties and also provided me with a bespoke meditation to listen to tailored just for me to listen to at bed time to help me raise my confidence to feel empowered, a second visit I learnt the tapping technique, an emotional freedom technique to help me when I felt I was reaching a stressful time at work.  The whole experience has made me feel balanced, more carefree and once again feeling happy.  I now feel strong and as each day goes by I feel amazing.  I can't believe how well I feel and excited about the future and feel such a different person just for learning how deal with my anxieties.  Harshani makes you feel totally at ease from the first meeting and oozes calm and compassion.  I would recommend anyone whatever your anxiety to pay a visit and learn how you can dispel old negative cycles and learn to love and enjoy life again.  I am eternally grateful for the help and guidance.  With gratitude.  Emma"

"Hi Harshani, Well you'll be glad to hear I'm back from skiing in one piece. The first morning on the slopes I was a bit nervous and we hadn't had chance to have a practice on the Saturday afternoon due to transfer issues. As soon as I started skiing I started thinking about what you had told me.   No more freezing halfway down a blue run.  I was going down reds and even leading the group. If I had the odd occasion when I thought I was about to fall I just regrouped and thought about imagining the balls, and it worked. Best weeks skiing for me ever, and I was enjoying the skiing as much as the acres ski, thank you so much 😊🎿 I'd highly recommend your treatments and mentioned them so much on my week away." ~ Kirsty, Kettering

"Thank you very much for the new start you have given me, I have started really seeing myself in the mirror now, which sounds pretty strange! and have also been "C total" where no chocolate has passed my lips for 8 days, this is a total shock to not only me but my eldest daughter who thinks not only is amazing but also annoyed as there are now no secret stashed of Cadbury freddo frogs around the house and dogs room!!!    With much thanks" ~ J, Kettering

"I have had a phobia of cockroaches since I was a child, which would cause some problems during my 10 month travelling trip! Therefore I decided to see Harshani, and I am so glad that I did! She was so professional and made me feel completely at ease. I am now cured of my phobia and I have seen a few cockroaches on my travels without being affected by them. Thank you so much Harshani!" ~ Annon, Thrapston

"I came to Harshani at a point in my life where I needed help to understand my own thoughts and feelings. From the first meeting she made me feel relaxed and at ease, I found her to be supportive and helpful in helping me to understand my inner thoughts and feelings. It was at a time where I needed support and Harshani delivered this in a professional and friendly manner teaching me things about myself I was not aware of. The treatments of Hypnotherapy and Reiki work so well, and following Reiki treatments I felt so relaxed with an easy ability to think logically about things. Since my treatment I feel more confident, relaxed and can manage my own personal life and feelings much better. This in turn has helped me to manage life and reach my aspirations in a more measured approach while dealing with general day to day life.
Many thanks again" James, Rushden

"Hi Harshani, Thank you so much for your session with me yesterday, there was a great shift of emotions that I really didn't know were there, today I feel lighter and happier and feel I can deal with the choices ahead in my life, the future is very positive. Your calm nature, intuitive knowing and kind but firm support is exactly what I needed, and is an inspiration to me. Thank you for your wonderful support in helping me to grow Love and Light" Dena, Oundle

"Dear Harshani, I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping me to overcome & move on from the issues that have caused me a lot of anxiety and heartache for many years. Seeing you has made a massive difference to my life. I can now look forward to a much happier future and I feel so much more confident about tackling any obstacles that may pop up! Your skills are priceless (and your session room is lovely)! Many thanks again, Toni, Kettering"

"I have been working with Harshani for the past 6 months & the therapy is proving very successful. When we started I was not in a very good place . . . low Self-Esteem, lacking in Self Confidence, thinking very little of myself & just been diagnosed as suffering with depression.
During the first 6 weeks, Harshani helped me to trace back the negative & low points in my life & gave me the tools to banish these self doubts & learn to love myself . . . as well as realising that it is okay to take time out for 'some me time' & not to feel selfish as well as guilty about doing so. Together we have developed a mantra (a positive affirmation) that helps me each day when faced with a challenge ~ "I am doing this because I want to do it, it's for me!"
I now alternate my visits between Reiki & Hypnotherapy sessions & have never felt better. Those close to me have noticed a difference & say how much happier, confident & more relaxed I am. Case in point ~ I am being made redundant from a job I have had for the last 12 years. If I had been told this at the beginning of the year I believe I would not have accepted the decision & dealt with the circumstances as well as I have done. This is down to the help I have been given by Harshani.
A very Big Thank You! "   ~  Denise, Northamptonshire

"From the first moment I contacted Harshani I knew I had made the right decision. Harshani is naturally warm & caring, & so easy to talk to that she calmed any initial fears I had. After our first meeting I could feel fundamental changes happening to the way I thought about myself & some of the problems I'd been experiencing. Harshani created a download after that first meeting to help reinforce some of the changes when I returned home, & e-mailed it through later the same day. With Harshani, it isn't just the amazing sessions that make seeing her so worthwhile, it is the support in other ways ~ personalised downloads, e-mail support, & just knowing I can call her whenever I have a query or concern. We have dealt with so many of my fears, emotions & feelings, & the changes have been simply life changing. One thing we dealt with was my fear of swimming. I hated getting my face wet or those sounds as the ears go under water. I went swimming last week for the first time in years. I got in & swam for 40 minutes. I put my face in the water, my ears in the water, no fear, no knot in my tummy, no sheer terror, all that had simply vanished & it felt good to swim! Absolutely amazing!
We also dealt wth my driving fears. I am working on this & so far so good, that awful feeling I used to get when I got in the car, or before I even got in the car has gone.
I can't recommend Harshani enough. My sessions with Harshani are changing my life a step at a time.
I also downloaded Harshani's
Confidence Building download. Wow! Absolutely love it. . . This one is well worth listening to."       ~    Jackie, Northamptonshire

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