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Sacred Sound is a deeply profound way of enabling the mind, body & spirit to relax & safely release stresses held within. Sound is an energy vibration, which resonates within us & around us. We have our own vibrational energy too. So when resting in a relaxation position & allowing beautiful sacred sounds to flow through us it helps us to rest, relax & recharge our batteries within on many, many levels of beingness.

A Sacred Sound Bath can take you on a journey through different levels of consciousness, inducing the deep relaxing effects of natural Delta waves & can bring about healing through accessing our Theta Waves. The sensation in the body can often experience the sounds like waves flowing through or the body feeling heavy & very grounded.
As you learn to relax & drop into stillness, the body can safely release stress & tension, helping you let go & relax even deeper.

The Sacred Sound Bath is using various different sound healing instruments to aid this dropping of the mind & creating a positive environement for relaxation.
Vichari works with a Shamanic Drum; Earth Gong; Wind Gong; Mystic Hand Pan; Sansula; Various Tibetan Bowls & Rainsticks.

Normally you would experience a Sacred Sound Bath lying down on the floor, connecting to the Earth beneath you, in a comfortable resting posture which within the Heart of Living Yoga we call Heart Rest Savasana. This is lying on a Yoga Mat or Exercise mat, with a comfortable blanket on top; a soft pillow under your head; a large bolster/pillow under your knees; a warm blanket over you; & an eye pillow if preferred. You would be lying down for 50 minute through the Sacred Sound Bath, so being comfortable & warm is essential, as our body temperature can drop as we relax deeply.

* You will need to bring with you :~ Yoga/exercise Mat; 2 blankets; pillows & or bolster; eye pillow if liked.
Some people bring duvets/sleeping bags ~ it's really whatever helps you feel cosy & able to nest into, to rest the most.

* Please be aware that due to the vibrational depth of the Sound Bath, it is not adviseable during Pregnancy or if you have a Pace maker or fitted de-fibrulator. Please get in contact if unsure or needing guidance.  

1-2-1 Personalised Sound Therapy sessions can also be booked with Vichari or Harshani, please get in contact to arrange.


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