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Meditations & Hypnosis Downloads

The Hypnosis & Meditation mp3 downloads available here are all written & recorded by Harshani at Mind & Body Wellbeing.

Make sure you save the download for access on your own desktop & Harshani recommends that you get into a routine of listening to them on a daily basis to help them support you in your life, for the best results for you!

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* For the FREE mp3 downloads ~ if you would like to offer a small donation in exchange then my chosen charity is through the Heart of Living Yoga Foundation ~ please follow this link if you would like to do that ~ Thank you!

The following items are available for download:

Mini Relaxation Session
Basic hypnosis relaxation
(6 minutes)
The Healing Garden
Hypnosis track - to aid the body's natural healing process & promote a sense of wellbeing
(18 minutes)
Confidence Building
Hypnosis track - to boost inner confidence & self-esteem
(22 minutes)
The Slimmer You
Hypnosis track to support Weight Loss alongside a healthy eating plan
(24 minutes)
Positive Thinking
Hypnosis track guiding you towards creating clarity & positivity of thoughts
(24 minutes)
Rainbow Chakra Meditation
Guided meditation - to help balance Chakra energy flow & enhance inner peace
(24 minutes)
Yoga Nidra
Guided deep relaxation in Yogic Shavasana - to rest body, mind & soul
(24 minutes)

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Cognitive Hypnotherapy Kettering


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