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Hypnotherapy Fees & Charges

Through my preference and personal experience with a wide array of clients & working with many different issues, as a therapist I mostly work my appointments to 90 minute sessions, as opposed to the general 1 hour appointment. This means that my clients will tend to require less sessions & they will move more quickly through their issues, by having a deeper more concentrated, longer session.

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Sessions in Islip, Northants cost: ~

Initial 30 minute Consultation ~ Free to all new clients

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Session ~ £80.00 per 90 minute session

Confident Childbirth Program ~ £240 for a course of 4 sessions (approx 60 minutes per session)

Stop Smoking Program ~ £250 (Consists of 3 sessions)

* Skype Therapy sessions available where appropriate ~ please contact Harshani to discuss this option, should it suit you.

Missed or late cancelled appointments will be charged.


 To make all bookings please visit ~ Contact Me

Cognitive Hypnotherapy Northampton


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